From other sites:

"Thoroughly enjoyable."  Eric Simon of Amazin' Avenue and Mets Geek

"If you haven’t checked this out yet make sure you check out Dana Brand's
Blog and website for his book Mets Fan. There are five fantastic chapters you
can read online entitled Mets Fan, For Shea, Mr. Met, Yankee Hatred and
Marrying the Red Sox. It is a great read and I am already jonesing to read the
entire book. If the sample chapters are any indication Mets Fan will soon be
sitting on my shelf among the great works of Peter Golenbock, Jeff Pearlman,
Howard Blatt, Dennis D’Agostino and Leonard Koppett. (I’m not getting
compensated to say that, it’s really that good!) Anyway, keep an eye out for it
sometime this summer."
Dan Ziegler of
Lone Star Mets

“Best of luck with the book. I know there's a nation of hungry Met fans who'll
eat it up.”
Michael Dobie, Sports Enterprise Editor of Newsday

A sampling of comments from forums, blogs, and e-mails:

“That is as eloquent a fan-piece as I've ever read. You have put into words
what thousands of Mets fans world-wide are feeling. Thank you.”

“I've read several of your essays and they're brilliant. They capture the
essence of what it is to be a Mets fan. I've only been a fan for 8 years, but you
brought to life all those years that came before me. It was awesome reading
about 69, 73, 86. Great job, and good luck!”

“I want to congratulate you on your eloquent elucidation of our mysterious
affliction.  All on the board [forum] agree: you nailed it.  Excellent writing.”

“Thank you. By printing [your essays] out and sharing them with my family
and friends, they MAY get a much greater understanding of a significant side
of my life.”

“I loved your articles about being a Mets fan. If I didn't know any better, you
could have been describing my life….I too bleed blue and orange just like you,
and am proud of that. Thank you for speaking up for all of us Mets

“Your style is like a cross between Roger Angell and Art Buchwald.”  

“I read most of the pieces here and they are wonderful -- various and
surprising. The piece on Mr. Met is hilarious, and Marrying the Red Sox is very
evocative. For me, you captured the weird and wonderful ways that fans
(think they) become their teams, especially scrappy, boisterous but soulful
Mets fans.”

“I am sure I can speak for a lot of people, but your website is excellent.”

“Thanks so much Dana.   I love your writing.   It is both moving and

“I have never read such eloquence on the heart of a Baseball fan. I love my
Detroit Tigers exactly as you love your Mets. AND despise the Yankees
exactly as you do. We are all brothers under the skin, we Baseball (not fans
but) lunatics, the only difference being the team we adore."

“Dana, you really, really are channeling the thoughts and emotions of millions
of Mets fans all over.”

“Great post, great blog, and really great writing! It’s like you’re a baseball
philosopher. I’d rather have this kind of thing any day instead of the usual
dumb-ass sportswriting.”

“Thanks again Dana, Since your article made the rounds of Met sites last
year, you have again and again spoken for us and helped us better appreciate
the good times (and there have been plenty this year) and better stomach the
tense times.”

"Way to go dana baby!!!!!!! now this is oh so very cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please let us
know when they hit the book stores, i want to buy one now.  dana, you da
man,.. AT A BOY DANA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” “  

“Man you can write!!! That about says it for us all.”